Looking for a House and Land Package in Christchurch?

Why not build your own home?

It’s a lot easier and more achievable than you might think…

With the right advice and services from your lending partner, it could be easy for you to get your very own land and construction finance, instead of borrowing for a house and land package. See the Finance section of our “Services” page. We can then help you design and build your very own home.
You will be pleasantly surprised how affordable, simple and easy it can be as we take you from conception to completion

The Pros of why to build with Norrell Building Limited? And the Cons of building with a group housing company.


  • Finance to build your own home is a lot more achievable than you might think (see our services page re Finance)
  • Have your very own special design
  • Deal with the same person from start to finish
  • We build quality over quantity with only 2 or 3 builds on the go at one time
  • With regular communication and by keeping things smaller and more controlled, we have the time to listen to you, talk with you and act immediately
  • Very competitive pricing with low overheads
  • Price specific to your build and your needs
  • Quality fixtures and fittings
  • Final result – A happy customer with their very own exceptional design and build knowing they have been listened to the whole way through and have a home finished to the highest level. Happy to do the whole thing again one day


  • Have a sales person tell you one build price just to have the final price come out much higher
  • Have the same design as everyone else
  • Deal with different people throughout the build
  • Be one of a hundred houses being thrown together at the same time with no real control over quality or time frames
  • Who keeps track of your thoughts and comments throughout the build? Do you have a voice? Will they do what you want, when you want?
  • Higher prices due to them carrying the finance during the build of a house and land package
  • Mass produced, cheaper fixtures and fittings
  • Final result- A disgruntled customer complaining on social media about how poor the communication and quality of the finish was and never wanting to build again